Evo Boot with Studs

Barefoot in changing weathers

Text and photos by Hanna Salmela from Oulu, Finland

Last year I made a decision to take off my horse’s shoes and started to learn benefits of being barefoot. Unfortunately my horse’s hooves have always been fragile and crack easily, so I was little worried of how being barefoot would work. I used different brand boots before with lost shoes, but they were loose and fell off when riding. Then I found out about EVO BOOTS which looked amazing, and fortunately we also have reseller here in Oulu, Finland! Especially in winter when we have lots of icy and slippery weathers, it would be hard to give your horse the exercise he needs without the boots with studs.

If you are also based in Finland and interested in EVO BOOTS, please contact Hanna’s dealer Nout van der Male in Oulu.