Love at first jump…

Text and photos: Valeska Köster, Germany

After many years with other shoes I finally got my first EVOs last Tuesday. I liked them immediately. Light, but strong and they perfectly fit. Our first trip took us on streets but also very muddy grounds. No problem for the EVOs. Even in Galopp they did not move at all. Strong winds had knocked down some trees.


I could not resist, no problem for the EVOs and my horse wearing them for her first 30 minutes only. That was when I knew I will never give away these shoes again! 🙂
It would be fantastic to get an additional pair, which I could use with studs, specially for our preferred discipline, eventing (the cross).

If you ask yourself, why my hose has got such a nice haircut, she was suffering from some very bad stomach viruses in Nov / Dec. Finally she is getting stronger again, and I got my cheeky and joyful Lady back! 🙂

Valeska bought herEvo Boots from HUFCHECK. If you are in Germany and looking for EVOS, check out Hufcheck’s Webshop >>>