We’re a ground rooted European company formed with the best experts on horse’s hooves health, lower limb biome-chanics, endurance training and boot sales. Also, our unique team is very easy to reach because we want to make sure that your voice is heard, your opinion taken in-to account & your needs full covered.

Albert Villasevil

Florentino Pereira

Bernd Jung

Bernd Jung

Veterinary & Welfare

Albert is a Veterinarian (VP) specialized in equine podiatry by AANHCP, IAEP and LH. He also is Field Instructor for LH. Certified Acupunturist (TCVMP) by Chi Institute, Technician in Equine nutrition by Dr Kellon (NRC Plus).

Albert has been working more than 10 years as a freelance in the equine sector and and has a client list of about 500. He is a teacher for the Master «Therapies with horses» by the Mallorca’s University, speaker in different international symposiums and codesigner of the Floating Boot.

Technic and I+D & Production Process

Floren is topographer, industrial draftsman and designer with wide experience using software related 3D design like CAD3D, production management, 3D printer for fast prototyping configuration.

Expertise and knowledge about piece production and materials of latest generation like carbon, kevlar and inblack used in the manufacture of molds and end pieces. Experience in production processes that uses plastics, silicones and resins for functional prototyping.

Floren is an international rider, member of the Spanish Teamin in 2013, with a wide experience as an endurance horse trainer and consultant for the training of the Element Resort’s horses (Slovakia, www.elementsresort.sk/ the largest equestrian complex in the world) during 2015. Cofounder, designer and owner of 50% of the Shoe Floting S.L. company located in Spain (the only business in this country dedicated to manufacturing hoofboots)

He also owns the utility model US201030772, European patent EP11382232.4, international patent PCT / ES 2014/070325, and the brand of boots known as Floating Boots ®www.bootsforhorses.com. From 1992 to 2012 he worked in countless Hydraulic civil work projects for the company known as Ferrovial-Agroman responsible for technical office and production.

Sales & Marketing

Bernd has a degree in Marketing and Human Resources management. He was working in international telecommunication companies as Sales Manager and Managing Director for 15 years.

He’s been involved in the hoofboot business since 1999 and has introduced almost 10 hoofboot models from other manufacturers into the German/European market. Bernd’s German company HUFCHECK is one of Europe’s most important hoofboot distributors selling to riders as well as resellers.

More than 200 professionals from 8 different European countries attended his 4-days seminar Hoofboot Expert. Bernd has published more than 50 hoofboot videos and is working together with the most important riding magazines.