The EVO BOOT can be applied very flexibly. Some boots require low heels, some high heels – with the EVO BOOT  it doesn’t matter as long as the heels are not extremely high. Even if your horses hoof  doesn’t have a  symmetrical shape our boot can be adapted due to thermoplastic material. All you need is a heat gun and 2 minutes of your time. It was very important to create a durable product with parts that don’t have to be replaced permanently.

The Penguin Tool is an all-in-one multi purpose tool, perfect for daily use and your best riding companion. The Penguin Tool helps riders to maintain their horse’s hooves in shape with the exchan-geable hoof rasp. Clean the hooves before using boots with the integrated hoof pick and easily exchange parts or simply revise the screws with it’s allen key and screws chamber.

The understanding of the horse, it's needs & it's uses has changed enormously through the last years.

That’s why today’s owners are searching activley for solutions that help to keep their horses sound and comfortable for a long time. We not only offer products to keep them sound, we also offer orthopedic solutions to enhace the reahibilitation process when an injury has occured. Comfort & performance goes hand by hand and that’s why our developers team are experts in horse biomechanics.