Keep it easy, simple & adjusted with the latest version of our EvoBoot Premium. Let the horses have a totally new free movement experience without any interference at their full extension & full flexion phase with this ultra-light, super-flexible & long lasting below the coronet boot.

Every part has been specially designed for permitting the hoof distortion & enhacing the hoof mechanism (curved sole, V-shape, accordion, lateral cartilages friendly Bulb Shield & the Elastostop direct system) which is essential for dealing with the impact forces of the gait, 

maintain the correct blood flow of the digital tissues and avoid altering the heart rate & horse’s performance.

It’s 2nd skin comes with an air cooling system and it’s made of a skin friendly material to avoid rubbing. All parts can be fast & easily managed with an allen key to change it’s configuration or Ex-change any piece if necessary.

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