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EVO BOOT 1.19 developed to perform!

The EVO BOOT 1.19 is the result of professional product development combined with Endurance riding experience that allows riders to apply a hoofboot easily on different hoof situations. It can be heat adapted by a professional but this is only necessary if the hoof situation is more challenging (asymmetrical shape, flared walls, etc.)

The Intelligent Hoofboot

What makes the EVO 1.19 Unique?

The EVO BOOT is an extremely intelligent hoofboot promoting the hoof mechanism like no other model. You may have read this already a couple of times before but this boot is really doing it. It’s not only supporting the hoof sole – it’s flexibel horizontally as well as vertically. Just like the heels of a barefoot horse.

And when we say supporting the hoof mechanism we are not only talking about the boot shell, also the shield is very flexible and can spread horizontally and vertically. Exactly as the hoof does in motion and not all hooves and bulbs have a symmetrical shape.

Bulb Shield

Extremely Flexible

EVO Sole

Arched with accordeon design

All parts

Easy adjustment and exchangeable

EVO Shell

Can be used as spare part or glue-on shell

Product Development

Our objective is to create solutions for end users and professionals that respects the horse’s movement while improving it's comfort, using always the latest & highest quality materials availa-ble, and totally produced within the EU!


Our philosophy is to establish long-term relationship with our international resellers, of-fering them personal contact and speci-fic help for developing and growing in their local market.

Become a reseller

We are looking for resellers in Europe, USA and Australia to sell and stock our products. If you are interested in becoming an EVOHORSE reseller, please contact us and we will check together options of cooperation.

Product Video 

The EVO BOOT 1.19 is the further development of the EVO BOOT 1.0, which was launched on the market in February 2017.

Not just a Hoofpick...

The Penguin Tool is an all-in-one multi purpose tool, perfect for daily use and your best riding companion. The Penguin Tool helps riders to maintain their horse’s hooves in shape with the exchan-geable hoof rasp. Clean the hooves before using boots with the integrated hoof pick and easily exchange parts or simply revise the screws with it’s allen key and screws chamber.

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Meet Our Team

All of our team members have many years of experience in their respective areas of responsibility and complement each other perfectly! Read more >>>

Albert Villasevil

Veterinary & Welfare, Owner
Albert Villasevil

Florentino Pereira

Product Development, OWNER
Florentino Pereira

Bernd Jung

Sales & Marketing, Owner
Bernd Jung

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