FAQ - Boot Features, Design, Colors, Durability....

The EVO BOOT is totally adaptable, it´s easy to fit, put on and take off, it´s easy to maintain, gives you the opportunity to change any damaged part without any previous knowledge, protects your horse’s hooves all the way around, is extremely flexible and sole arched, is transpirable and antirubbing, performs over any terrain, and the most important thing for us, it´s amazingly comfortable for your horse.

At this point, no. We just offer colors that are UV-stable enough to pass our standards.

The correct answer is: it depends. There are a lot of situations that affect  the lifespan of your EVO BOOT like the type of terrain, the amount of riding, the medium speed, the weight of the rider, the way that the horse reaches the ground, the type of trimming, etc. If we speak in kilometers then we can say around 1.200 Kms easily and if we speak in months, we can say that for a weekend pleasure riding they can last more than one year and a half, but as we said before, in some cases they last less, however we have many happy trail riders who have had their boots up and running for much longer.

EVO BOOT, with its 300gr (size 2) is one on the lightest boots of the market. And the reason is because diminishing the weight is the best way to reduce the strain and stress on a horse’s legs. So, this point has become an obsession for us.

The only maintenance that they need is to clean them after having been used and let them dry. Also, if you want to reduce the risks of bacterial build up, mix a solution of 50% Apple Cider Vinegar to water and spray into the boot regularly.

The only part that can be affected by overheating while using «normal» boots in warm climates is the bulb area. That’s why the EVO BOOT has been designed to promote an excellent ventilation and breathability of that area with it’s perforated bulb shield.


The best way to obtain a perfect fit is to find a local trimmer with a Fit Kit and/or ask one of our great distributors.
If that option is not possible or you want to do it yourself, you should measure the length and width of each hoof and look at our sizing chart. You will find the information here: 

– Read the question nº2 of this FAQ.
If you still have trouble you have 2 options:
Option 1: Let your hoofcare professional adapt the boot with heat, just choose the smaller size and go for the heat adaptation.
Option 2: If you don’t know how to adapt it with heat just choose the larger size.

The width is more important than the length that’s why you should check that first and make sure that the fit is as tight as possible. If when you have this correct the length is ok or too long you’re in the correct size. If the length is too short, then you will need a professional that adapts it to your situation making it longer with heat adaptation or taking a bigger size and making it narrower with heat adaptation.

For the welfare of your horse we recommend you to always maintain you’re horse’s hooves in the optimum state and don’t let them overgrow. If you have your horse’s hooves trimmed in a regular schedule and they «never get long», you should measure the hooves directly after the last trim or a maximum of 8 days later.

FAQ - Adjusting and Adaptation

If your horse has standard hooves (short, compact, non flared walls…) and falls into the measurements of a specific size in our sizing chart, then you will be able to do an out of the box fit (with or without some minnor adjustments). So in this case no, heat adaptation is NOT a must.

If you have a non standard hooves (flared walls, heavily underrun heels, heavily upright heels, or heavily crooked) then heat adaptation is required to adapt the boot to each situation.

The Evo Boot has been designed to be easy! So basically you have to move the position of the bulb shield and the elastostop direct through the screws until the base of the bulb Shield contacts the heel region and the Elastostop’s ring becomes oval when the system is locked. You also has to ensure that the Bul Shield’s upper rim surpasses the bulb’s curve.

EvoBoots has been designed to absorb the impact forces on the Bulb Shield’s lower strap. That’s why the material of that piece is so thick and robust. It should make sense then when we say that the Elastostop Direct is only a help and NOT the primary locking system. Meaning that when the boot is correctly fitted it’s ring should become round.  

EVO BOOTS are highly adaptable! You can go for the heat adaptation and/or change the bulb shield and the Elastostop position to obtain a perfect fit! But if you have a «difficult hooved horse», phone a local trimmer and they will totally adapt it straight away.

The Bulb shield position and adjustment is crucial to the optimal performance of the boot. In short we can say that it’s base should contact the hoof heel’s zone and the upper part should follow the coronary band orientation. If:

– It’s not contacting the heel’s region the risk of loosing the boot increases because it’s NOT how has been designed for.

– It’s sitting too high the risk of rubbing around the pastern increases. In that case using 1 size smaller bulb shield solves the problem.

– It’s sitting too  low  the risk of loosing the boot increases. In that case using 2 size bigger bulb shield solves the problem.

You should contact the dealer who sold you the boots. If it’s a warranty case, we will replace the entire boot, if it’s not he/she will invite you to buy the specific spare parts kit and show you how to replace it.

Of course! Our sizing is designed to fit wider hooves (normally the fronts) as well as narrower hooves too (normally the hinds). We recommend that you completely boot your horse for long rides. Riding a horse with some sort of tenderness will create a miriade of physical and mental issues.

This is normally telling you that the Bulb Shield’s size is NOT the aproppriate for this case and that you should go 1 or 2 (our recomendation) sizes bigger. You can find the Bulb Shield’s size underneath the attachement betwen this one and the Elastostop Direct.

FAQ - EXTRAS ( Pads, Studs, Orthopedics...)

You can use pads with less than 6 mm of thickness. Anything thicker will compromise the fit. We highly recommend to glue the pads in the boot shell!

Yes, you can use any type of boot studs to increase the boot traction over ice. As always, you have to apply them keeping in mind that they cannot extend past the sole! An alternative to increase the boot’s grip is to create more and deeper grooves on the sole with a Dremel or any other similar tool. Whatever you decide, please ride with care on treacherous terrain.

We have designed EVO BOOTS in a way that can be easily transformed in an orthopedic boot (wedged boot for DDFT problems, wide Toe for CET problems, wide branch for colateral ligaments and/or suspensory ligament branches problems, full rolling for advanced arthrosis, laminitis and/or DDFT issues…). You can learn how to do this in our seminars and/or in our User’s guide for Professionals.  

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FAQ - Others

We do NOT sell to riders directly!

Please have a look at our Reseller Directory on this Website to find a dealer in your country.

EVO BOOT is a sport boot! And it has been designed to perfectly fit the requirements of the top riders of different disciplines like dressage, jumping or endurance riding. But…you have to check the rules of your local riding association !

First you should check that they are the correct size and that they are correctly fitted.
– If they’re still twisting you should revise their adaptation. If you need to know how to adapt them properly read the user’s manual and/or check our «how to videos» (normally those horses needs an asymmetric bulb shield position and/or a «dorsal window»).
– If you have revised the user’s manual and the how to and you’re not sure how to do it properly just call a local trimmer, and he/she will obtain a perfect fit.

With repetitive use, Evo Boot will stretch a bit and you will notice that it will slowly become adapted to your horse’s hoof shape. This means that they might be tight to fit for the first 2 or 3 uses but after that, «a child» will be able to apply them.

Some people uses boots in combination with metal shoes to increase shock absorption when working on hard surfaces. EVO BOOT is a sport boot and are not designed for that purpose, so we cannot guarantee it’s performance and we do not recommend it´s use it in that way.

If they are well adapted and fitted they stay on in almost every conditions. The most difficult condition for any boot and/or even for a nailed shoe too is deep mud. If you are riding through extreme mud over a period of time, you will want to consider removing the boots and riding your horse barefoot.

EVO BOOTS come with an antirubbing material and a transpirating system in it’s bulb shield that makes them perfect for being worn over extended periods of time. But, you have to keep in mind that:
– It’s a sport boot and not a therapeutic boot. So we recommend not to leave your horse unattended while wearing the boots because it can play with them and break it accidentally. Failure to take precautions may void the warranty.
– As always with any new material, we recommend to let your horse’s skin adapt to the boots and make a gradual ‘break-in’, starting with 30 minutes and increasing from there, while monitoring the comfort of the horse.

You should contact the dealer who sold you the boots. If it’s a warranty case, we will replace the entire boot, if it’s not he/she will invite you to buy the specific spare parts kit and show you how to replace it.

During the production of our EVO BOOTS we avoid applying any type of glue in the screws to give you the opportunity of changing the screws position and make a proper and perfect adaptation. When riding, there’s a lot of concussion and the screws can get loose. To fix it you just need to apply Loctite® 243 (it can be purchased in any hardware store) to the screws before securing them in the preferred position.

All screws are replaceable! You just need to replace it with a new one from your «spare parts bag» and apply Loctite® 243 to secure them. If you run out of screws you can buy a new «spare parts bag» from your dealer.

If you are a hands on person you just have to check in our website and search for the specific «how to video». Replace a broken part is extremely easy! If you have tried it and you still have troubles, just phone a local experienced trimmer, and he/she will replace it in few seconds.

Every component of the EVO BOOT can be very easily replaced. The only tool required is a 2,5mm hex key and some Loctite 243 to glue on the screws after the process.