Simply more than a hoofpick…

Penguin Tool


The Penguin Tool is an all-in-one multi purpose tool, perfect for daily use and your best riding companion. The Penguin Tool helps riders to maintain their horse’s hooves in shape with the exchan-geable hoof rasp. Clean the hooves before using boots with the integrated hoof pick and easily exchange parts or simply revise the screws with it’s allen key and screws chamber.

Penguin TOOL
Penguin Tool Parts

Hoofpick, Rasp, Spare Part Container...

The rasp blade is available as spare part and can be easily exchanged within a few seconds.The penguin tool is hollow, so there is space for spare parts such as screws.

A leather strap can be passed through the hole in the “eye of the penguin” so that it can be attached to the saddle.

Ask your evo dealer about the penguin tool !


Penguin Rasp In Action...


Of course, the Penguin Tool was not developed to perform regular hoof care. But it helps you to keep your horse’s hooves in shape and to avoid or correct broken out spots while you’re on a ride.